Nirnfeel DynaMo Alternate Immersion Needs Survival Combat Magic Overhaul SE (2024)

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One plugin!
Collection of immersion mods, cold survival, needs, food spoilage, camping, better animal loot, vampire gameplay overhaul, werewolf hunger system, spell mastery, skill books, serving wenches, suite of combat animations and combat overhaul. Swimming improvements, shrines don't cure diseases, witchhunter spells and prayers, and more!

Permissions and credits

This is a port of my Nirnfeel DynaMo Classic Immersion Needs Survival Combat Magic Overhaulfrom Legendary Edition Skyrim to Special Edition.
I ran the folder through CAO, resaved the plugin in CK, conformed all USSEP and Update.esm changes to this mod, then tested.

Attention Anniversary Edition users:
You'll needSurvival Control Panel at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community ( SPOOF Survival Mode and benefit from Nirnfeel's changes to food, weather and more.

What is it? It's a carefully merged collection of mods that bring several survival and immersion gameplay aspects to Skyrim.

Differences to first Nirnfeel and DynaMo mods:This is like a merge between my Skyrim SE modsNirnfeel Immersion Overhaul Survival Needs Spell Learning and MoreandDynaMo Dynamic Movement Collection DAR OAR ESPFE, except I sourced Legendary Edition mods and built the mod in LE instead of backporting my SE work. Also, it does not have the animated carriages, boats and Striding Silt Striders that my original Nirnfeel has. On the other hand, Nirnfeel DynaMo ALSO overhauls vampires, werewolves and totally overhauls combat in much more detail than DynaMo by itself. It also doesn't have the inventory limits but instead limits equipment that you can wear, it only has effects for alcohol and skooma, but skooma can cause addiction, fast travel now costs money, you can try to smash locks, bathing is the full Bathing in Skyrim with optional custom animations for bathing and showering (requires FNIS or Nemesis), you'll swim faster or slower depending on worn gear and total versus current carryweight plus dynamic swimming animations, there is also a witchhunter spells and prayers pack included, common books won't give you random skill experience, there is no Adventurer's Sketchbook this time around, there is no included Bandoliers either, in this mod Potions don't have addiction effects, there is no Canis Hysteria (you can't become a werewolf by getting bitten by one, maybe in an update) and Modern Brawl Bug Fix by Enai Siaion is included. These are the major differences between the previous mods and this one.

I believe this version of Nirnfeel is more forgiving than the original, albeight with more intense fights, the fact that you don't have a hardcore inventory limit makes things easier.

PLEASE DON'T TRY TO USE THE PREVIOUS Nirnfeel and DynaMo with THIS Nirnfeel, they're completely DIFFERENT mods apart from a few common features, and the type of resulting gameplays ARE DIFFERENT as well. I hope this is clear enough.
This mod doesn't currently have patches for either Bikiniborn EX or Gleanerborn, at a later time I will release said patches, please be patient.

Suffice to know, this mod gives you a much richer gameplay experience, but be aware that it also makes the game harder. Play on Adept, vanilla difficulty changes suck anyway.




* Advanced Cold Survival, should be compatible with everything (properly patched Hypothermia Plus)

* Needs, diseases, food spoilage, camping gear, alcohol drunkenness, shrines don't cure diseases, ability to milk cows, improved animal loot with more yield and better values (all toggleable except animal loot changes, properly integrated Realistic Needs and Diseases)

* Potion Toxicity (toggleable)

* Alcohol and Drug Effects (getting too drunk can lead to a blackout, skooma can cause addiction)

* Bathing and showering (toggleable Water is needed for bathing, for compatibility, optional FNIS animations, optional Fuz Roh Da for follower dialogue reading, no patches have been made for Interactive Wash Basins or Realistic Room Rental, but as stated before, you can just use MCM to turn off Bathing Requires Water for compatibility, this is the full Bathing in Skyrim mod, so you assign shortcut keys to perform the actions, I highly recommend you get a mod that allows to use both gamepads and a keyboard simultaneously)

* Swimming does not clean you, but now you will swim faster or slower depending on your equipped gear and inventory versus total carry weight. You will also have access to distinct animations depending on your current stamina and equipped armor. Argonians will always swim like fishes

* Burdens of Skyrim ensures that you can't just pick up an ebony sword at level one, or wear that random Glass-class custom armor you just managed to smith with cheat materials (you can make strength weight-dependent instead of level dependent and set weight to 100 if you want to circumvent this even if a little, but I HIGHLY recommend you don't, for gameplay reasons of course. Instead, you can leave it as is if you're weight 100 or you can connect it to weight gain, set your weight to ZERO and install Pumping Iron or another mod that gives you weight gaining over time or skill growth. How's that for immersive?)

* Speaking of smithing, Craftspeople will now take your smithing orders, but you need to have all the materials for it

* When you want to use a spell, you need to have its corresponding spell tome in your inventory, at least until you've used it and re-read the book enough times to master it. You may have a flash of insight when sleeping after reading the tome and using the spell

* Speaking of books, why would you instantly get a skill when reading a book? The knowledge you get now makes you more prone to learn instead, and the more books you read on the subject, the more perceptive you'll get (limited to five books learning bonus, bonus is enhanced if you have the Scholar's Insight from the Blackbook Winds of Change. This feature is not compatible with mods that give you the choice to directly read from the world, like Sometimes Pick Up Books, it is not compatible with moreHUD Inventory Edition as well. This will only work with Vanilla Skill Books for gameplay balance reasons)

* Hypothermia can prevent you from fast travel if you're in a hypothermic state, but even when you're not, fast travel takes not only time but also money (supplies, resting places, healing, etc.). Pay your way or walk there

* Frustrated you've run out of lockpicks? Saynomoa, just get your weapon and try your luck smashing that nasty lock. Your lockpicking skill and the number of times you hit the lock will play into the formula for determining if the lock will break or not. You're Harry Potter? Just throw Flames or Fireball at the poor lock

* Sometimes, when you're on the road, you'll come across events that may or may not call for action on your part. Your choice if you want to get involved (unless you're being attacked of course)

* Tired of travelling? Want to see a friendly face? Want a beautiful girl to help you with your drunken respite? I got you. Every tavern and inn in Skyrim and Solstheim now has a lovely serving wench for all your needs. She'll sell you food, drink, water and even rent you a room. Are you smitten with her? Get Nether's Follower Framework to help you convince her to either become your travelling companion or your eloped waifu

* You got bit by a bloodsucker and decided it was not so bad? Harkon convinced you of the sheer powa you'd get by becoming a royal vamp? Well, friend, now you (and any vamp) WILL burn when under the sun. But wait, you'll also need to feed on blood to remain sane and be able to still carry on in the sun although it hurts. You'll have access to different approaches on hunting and feeding, depending on your intended roleplay. As you age, you'll become more adept at using your vampiric powers, with 29 new or revised perks and powers to unlock. Different blood will have different taste and will be important for a balanced diet. You'll be able to unlock Vampire Lord powers in human form in case you get the blood gift from Harkon. Other vampires will also be stronger and smarter (please don't use other vampire overhauls, it will break this feature, and what's point? This is the best there is!)

* Well, you've become a full-fledged Companion, member of the Circle. That's nice. Wait, no it's not. You won't be able to simply "forget" that you are a werewolf. You are now a hunter beast of Hircine. This means you need to HUNT, you need to FEED! When sated, you'll have bonuses to your werewolf skills, but in any other state, you'll have debuffs, visual and sound hallucinations, but also the ability to shift as many times as you want! Compatible with werewolf visual changes, compatible with werewolf perk overhauls except when instead of editing existing perks the mod replaces them with new ones. Compatible with Moonlight Tales, Predators - A Werewolf and Vampire Roleplaying Tool, Bloodmoon Rising and Lupine)

* COMBAT OVERHAUL! Yes, this is what you've been waiting for. Weapon parrying, pain reaction, exhaustion, counter-strike, vulnerability, poise system for determining staggering, timed blocking, timed warding, scripted improvements to enemy AI, unarmed blocking (and blocking if you have a weapon in right hand and a spell on the left), sprint combo attacks for several weapons (press directional button - can press the sprint button simultaneously or not - and sheathe button. You'll be able to perform a timed combo by pressing sheathe again or one of the attack buttons while performing the first move. You'll only be able to sheathe your weapon while standing still), directional bow/crossbow melee attacks, 3-slash power attacks for two-handed weapons, one-handed weapons AND unarmed, with different combos depending on direction pressed (back, right, left, forward). Several great animations were implemented for this feature, they require DAR, and if you want the directional acrobatic dodge animations you also need a properly configured TK Dodge with the Sidestep option turned on. I have tested this feature with Combat Gameplay Overhaul and 360 Movement Behaviour Overhaul, as well as with Ultimate Combat, and with True Directional Movement, and everything runs well (haven't tested the unlocked grip, but I feel that CGO feature looks a bit strange anyway). You don't NEED CGO, but I'd say a 360 movement mod is very handy and looks great (use True Directional Movement, or version 1.20 from Dservant if you want to use FNIS instead of Nemesis).

* I have included Enai Siaion's Modern Brawl Bug Fix in Nirnfeel DynaMo, because it's a requirement for your game to not turn into utter chaos when brawling (especially if you have followers with you, but look, when you plan on brawling, just make your followers wait somewhere else, okay?).




+ I took care to integrate the mods to play well with eachother, and conformed with USLEEP changes where possible, leaving out ONLY the changes that were intentional and those that would make USLEEP a requirement (it's still recommended but not a master file to Nirnfeel DynaMo).

+ You probably noticed this mod touches on a lot. I plan on making a few patches when I find that something is off, but please always make a backup save BEFORE running this mod.
Test it thoroughly with what you have, or if you're starting a new modded build, do it around it.

+ Ideally you would integrate this in a new game, as there are several moving parts which may not start up properly when installing it mid-play.

+ You should place this mod near the bottom of your list, where the gameplay changes and vampire or werewolf mods are.

+ It works well with World's Dawn and my own WeReLight Classic LE.

+ I have tested this in both a new game and on an existing save. It mostly worked in both, but the new game worked better.

+ New food items from mods need to be patched in.

+ I admit this doesn't address a couple of gameplay points, such as shouts, alchemy (although you should place any alchemy mod above Nirnfeel DynaMo), standing stones, religion (except the toggleable Shrines don't cure diseases option in Realistic Needs and Diseases), inventory limits... But it already covers quite a lot, 22 plugins into one. Try it first by itself, then add to it as you want.

+ Combat already includes unarmed blocking, timed blocking, timed parry, enemy AI and movement changes, a poise system, combo attacks, aimed for a fast-paced combat. The only things it doesn't include is Jump Attacks, but you'll find that easily (I didn't want those as they involve setting up a double jump in Better Jumping, which I don't want for my gameplay this time around). I do recommend you get Better Jumping and set up sprint jump though, although it's not a requirement). This is to say, please don't add even more combat mods, if you must just add Combat Gameplay Overhaul, 360 movement and TK Dodge, it doesn't need anything more. I have not tested this with MCO ADXP, as I don't use it.


Sky UI
Dynamic Animation Replacer or Open Animation Replacer
Survival Control Panel (Hard requirement for Anniversary Edition users)
TK Dodge (optional for the sidestep animations)
FNIS or Nemesis (optional for Bathing Animations)

If you enjoy this mod and/or my work in general, please take a moment to endorse.

Nirnfeel DynaMo Alternate Immersion Needs Survival Combat Magic Overhaul SE (1)

Nirnfeel DynaMo Alternate Immersion Needs Survival Combat Magic Overhaul SE (2)

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Nirnfeel DynaMo Alternate Immersion Needs Survival Combat Magic Overhaul SE (2024)
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