9 Sustainable Brands For Men's Activewear (2024)

9 Sustainable Brands For Men's Activewear (1)

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However you like to get your exercise in (#fit), one thing’s for sure: You can’t wear your normal clothes doing it! Well, we suppose you could, but expect some sweat ‘n stank. 😉

Activewear is designed specifically for gym days, outdoor runs, and extreme weather adventures. They’re often designed with technical features like four-way stretch, hidden stash pockets, and moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you cool. All too often, though, most performance wear is made with unsustainable materials or under questionable conditions. Not to worry though. We’ve found nine of the most sustainable and thoughtful brands that keep both you and Mother Nature in mind—now get to it!

Does your gym partner need a new fit too? Try these sustainable activewear brands for women!

1. Allbirds

Best For | Activewear basicsSustainable Materials | Tencel fleece, organic cotton, wool, recycled nylonSize Range | XS–XXXLPrice Range | $38–$128

In the last five years, Allbirds has become a household name synonym for “the world’s most comfortable shoes.” Now, the brand has expanded into apparel as well, and its activewear is a game-changer. The line of active basics includes tees, sweatshirts, sweats, and performance socks and undies—and we love how the pieces combine both athletics and style. As a certified B Corp, Allbirds sources some of the most sustainable fabrics in the world for its apparel, including organic cotton, Tencel, and recycled nylon. Consider Allbirds your one-stop shop for activewear and athletic shoes.

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9 Sustainable Brands For Men's Activewear (3)

2. Pact

Best For | LayeringSustainable Materials | GOTS certified organic cottonSize Range | S–XLPrice Range | $28–$94

Made for that pre- and post-exercise life, Pact’s activewear line is perfect for layering on cool mornings and warm evenings. From pullover hoodies to “off-duty” joggers, Pact’s pieces are fitted but not overly snug, lightweight but not flimsy. Plus, they’re carbon-neutral, made with super soft organic cotton, and ethically sewn in Fair Trade Certified factories. (And sold for accessible prices! What other brands can say the same?!)

9 Sustainable Brands For Men's Activewear (4)

9 Sustainable Brands For Men's Activewear (5)

3. Tentree

Best For | Athletic shorts & joggersSustainable Materials | Recycled plastic & polyester, Tencel Lyocell, cottonSize Range | S–XXLPrice Range | $50–$118

Exercise and eco-apparel approved, Tentree’s activewear is made from discarded water bottles and upcycled textiles! This “InMotion” collection includes all your workout essentials, from joggers to tanks. They’re specially designed with thoughtful features like odor control, Spandex for added elasticity, and technical specs for heightened performance. We especially love that they’re stylish enough to rock at the gym or on the couch—we’ll take one of each, please.

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9 Sustainable Brands For Men's Activewear (7)

4. Girlfriend Collective

Best For | Outdoor activewearSustainable Materials | Cupro, organic cotton, recycled plasticSize Range | XXS–6XLPrice Range | $38–$128

Despite the name, Girlfriend Collective makes clothes for all genders, including a men’s line. Great for cold weather activities and outdoor exercise, the relaxed line here touts sweatshirts, puffers, hoodies, and vests sewn from (and filled with!) recycled plastic bottles and sustainable fabrics. They’re wind-resistant, water-repellent, and made in a number of nature-inspired colors. Stay warm while getting that new PR.

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9 Sustainable Brands For Men's Activewear (9)

5. Outerknown

Best For | Water–repellent activewearSustainable Materials | Recycled polyester, recycled nylonSize Range | S–XXLPrice Range | $98–$298

It should be no surprise that sustainable brand Outerknown, started by legendary surfer Kelly Slater, makes our list for water-repellent activewear. Whether you’re hoping to catch some waves yourself or traverse rainy terrains, Outerknown’s line is built for you. Each piece comes together from recycled polyester and nylon with a hint of spandex (and under fair trade conditions), so it’s quick-drying, stretchable, and multifunctional. Surfers especially will love the Apex Trunks—if you don’t believe us, trust the 300+ 5-star reviews! Surf’s up, friends.

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9 Sustainable Brands For Men's Activewear (11)

6. Patagonia

Best For | Adventure activewearSustainable Materials | Recycled polyester, organic cotton, hemp, wool, natural rubberSize Range | XXS–3XLPrice Range | $45–$550

Maybe known as the best outdoor retailer of all time (and top sustainable brand to boot), Patagonia knows we can get outdoors and preserve it at the same time. Its line of durable, ethical, and sustainable apparel works for any adventure from fly fishing to mountain biking to kitesurfing. No matter what you pick, it’s backed by the Patagonia guarantee and it gives back to the environment via 1% for the Planet. You can even trade in your old gear or buy secondhand pieces thanks to Patagonia’s Worn Wear program.

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9 Sustainable Brands For Men's Activewear (13)

7. Definite Articles

Best For | Activewear shorts & joggersSustainable Materials | Tencel, modal, cotton, biodegradable nylon, recycled polyesterSize Range | S–XXLPrice Range | $58–$118

Definite Articles is a Certified B Corp making “premium performance wear for people who love the planet.” Unlike most activewear filled with millions of microplastics, DA’s line is made from plastic but is fully biodegradable. How’s that for innovation? We love the brand’s bottoms (both the shorts and joggers) the most, thanks to the cell phone pocket, cash stash, and extra soft stretch. Add some of DA’s signature socks and you’ve got the most sustainable (and biodegradable) ‘fits around.

9 Sustainable Brands For Men's Activewear (14)

9 Sustainable Brands For Men's Activewear (15)

8. Outdoor Voices

Best For | Athletic tees, tanks, & long sleevesSustainable Materials | Natural & recycled wool, BCI certified cotton, recycled plasticSize Range | XXS–XXXLPrice Range | $48–$148

Outdoor Voices wants to get you moving and have fun doing it. The entire line of activewear from fleece zip-ups to waffle-knit long sleeves to mesh tanks is made specifically with that mission in mind. (In fact, there are over 20 kinds of sustainable materials OV uses for its activewear!) They’re sweat-wicking, breathable, and ready for full-range motion whether you’re hitting the slopes or heading for a Peloton class. (We especially like the product description page that shares what each piece is best for, ranging from low to high-sweat recreation.) With such an impressively wide variety of tops, we recco stocking up on all your top layers here.

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9 Sustainable Brands For Men's Activewear (17)

9. On

Best For | Running activewearSustainable Materials | Recycled polyester, Tencel, Modal, cottonSize Range | S–XXLPrice Range | $55–$459

On launched in 2010 in the heart of the Swiss Alps, with the hopes of changing the world of running. What started as three men in Zurich has now grown to a collection spanning 50 countries, international design and technology awards, and even sports legend Roger Federer as a co-entrepreneur and founder. So yeah, you could say the brand knows a thing or two about activewear! Its extensive line of performance apparel is made for every kind of run, from cold weather training to indoor treadmills and rest and recovery walks. Use the helpful filters like “weatherproof,” “weather condition,” and “activity” to determine the best activewear for your needs and enjoy—you can thank us later.

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9 Sustainable Brands For Men's Activewear (19)


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9 Sustainable Brands For Men's Activewear (2024)


What is the best activewear brand for men? ›

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Aug 18, 2023

What is the best sustainable fabric for activewear? ›

Fabrics such as Organic Cotton Jersey and Organic Cotton Interlock are great choices for eco-conscious sportswear. Bamboo: Bamboo fabric is derived from a fast-growing, renewable resource. It offers natural anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.

What is sustainable sportswear? ›

Eco-friendly materials have gradually become vital in sustainable sportswear design. A growing number of sportswear brands are using synthetic materials sourced from recycled plastic bottles or offering products made from recycled nylon, which offers the same performance characteristics as virgin nylon.

What wealthy men really wear now hint athleisure? ›

Predictably, several men reported a deepening addiction to sweatpants and athleisure. Andrew Weitz, the owner and founder of the Weitz Effect, a Los Angeles-based style consultancy that works with big-pocketed businesspeople as well as celebrities, has witnessed the shift toward athleisure first hand.

What men's athletic wear is similar to Lululemon? ›

In addition to Lululemon, some of the top athleisure brands for men include AthletiFreak, Salt & Snow, Colorful Standard, Kidoriman, JK Store, Haven, and PAKA.

Is adidas a sustainable brand? ›

Our commitment to sustainability has been embedded into our business practices for over two decades and is rooted in our purpose that 'through sport, we have the power to change lives.

Is Gymshark a sustainable brand? ›

Our “Planet” rating evaluates brands based on the environmental policies in their supply chains, from carbon emissions and wastewater to business models and product circularity. Here we rate Gymshark “Not Good Enough”. These are a few factors influencing its score: It uses few lower-impact materials.

Is Nike a sustainable brand? ›

Environmental impact

Though Nike has made a few positive changes to its environmental practices and is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, it still has a way to go before it can truly be called a more sustainable brand. Nike uses some lower-impact materials, including organic and recycled cotton.

What is luxury activewear? ›

Luxury sportswear is comfortable and made from breathable, stretchy fabrics that allow for ease of movement. But the key difference between luxury and traditional sportswear is those fabrics. Gone are polyesters and performance-enhancing nylons which you'd typically find on clothing designed for actual sport.

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