Legacy of the Dragonborn - The Curator's Companion (2024)

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Legacy of the Dragonborn - The Curator's Companion (2)

The Curator's Companion for Legacy Of The Dragonborn

Please take a moment to read the Changelog, FAQ and Sticky Posts before reporting bugs in case your issue has already been addressed.

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Install / Uninstall:

Simply download with your favorite mod manager.

If you are running a lot of patches, it is highly recommended that you install Engine Fixes. By default Skyrim can only open 512 files at a time, this raises the limit quite a bit. Symptoms of this issue include the "False Save Corruption" bug and/or crashing.

If the game is still crashing, hanging at startup, or you see some blank dialog boxes, you may need to go into the .toml file included with Engine fixes and raise this limit again. I recommend "MaxStdio = 4096". This is located on line 11.

Never. Ever. Install or update this mod mid-game. Additionally, ONLY PC is supported. TCC is not supported on Switch, VR, Xbox, Alexa, or your smart fridge. Please do not ask the TCC or Legacy team for help if you're on an unsupported platform or have modified your installation after pressing "New Game".

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Mod Features:

moreHUD Integration:
The Curators Companion has full moreHUD and moreHUD Inventory Edition support, there are 3 brand new icons for The Curators Companion which show the current status of the item: "New", "Found" or "Displayed." All displayable items will start with the "New" icon and switch to found when picked up. The Curators Companion by default will treat the Relic Storage container and Museum Shipment Crates the same as the player inventory and will maintain the "Found" status for any items stored there. When you have displayed an item at the Museum, the icon will switch to "Displayed." The icons are fully dynamic and will update when items are added to or removed from the Museum, Inventory, or storage containers. The visibility of the icons can be configured from the MCM.

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Displayed Items Found Items New Items

Notifications and Listeners:
The mod has a fully integrated notification system and a series of listeners to display messages to the player when certain events happen or when certain milestones are reached, all notification options are fully customizable in the MCM, the options are:

  • Museum Items - Displays a notification when an item is found that is displayable in the museum.
  • Armory Items- Displays a notification when an item is found that is displayable in the armory.
  • Patch(es) Items - Displays a notification when an item is found that is displayable from any of the supported / Custom mods.
  • Listeners - Displays a notification when a display is enabled from exploring, discovering locations, completing a quest, maxing out a particular skill, or becoming thane of a hold.
  • Collection / Set Completion - Displays a notification when a collection, section, supported / Custom mod, or set is completed.

Relic Storage Container:
The mod comes with a summon spell to access a safe storage container called the "Relic Storage Container", this container can be used on your travels to store displayable relics and items you find in the world, the container will only accept displayable items that are not already on display at the museum unless you choose to turn off the restriction in the MCM and have it act like a regular storage container, the configuration options are as follows:

The container spell can be purchased from any Jarl's wizard.

  • Relic Storage Restriction - The option which will determine what can be stored in the container.
  • Storage Token Recipe- Toggles the visibility of The Curators Storage Token in the Forge / Smelter menus.

When returning to the museum to display your items, you can use the Prep Station menu to automatically transfer and display all items from the Relic Storage Container, player inventory and any custom storage containers.

Relic Storage Tokens:

You can craft the Relic Storage Token from any forge located around Skyrim, drop the token into a container or follower to add them to the custom storage list, the token is destroyed and any items stored in these containers or followers will retain their “Found” status and behave like player inventory, to remove the container or follower simply add another token to them.. all displayable items will automatically be returned to the player.

Museum Scanner:

]While the MCM updates automatically when displaying items in the Museum, you can also manually scan the displays using the museum scan feature at the Prep Station or within the MCM to update the figures and completion status of any collections, sets, sections or mods.

As well as the museum displays, the MCM also keeps track of player wealth by monitoring the treasury rooms in the Safehouse, Deepholme, and Karagas' Tower.

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This mod is designed and developed to act as a companion add-on for Legacy of the Dragonborn.

The MCM menu can be utilised to customise the mod to your liking, such as toggling notifications for specific sections, configuring moreHUD icons, and scanning the museum for completed sets.

You can also access the Museum Scanning features from the right-hand side of the Prep Station (Auto Sorter) near the archway in the Museum.

The mod is linked to the Museum so you will not receive notifications for items that are already on display, you will also notreceivenotifications when items areremovedfrom display.

Some displays in the Museum can take multiple variations of the same item - for example, the same weapons with different enchantments. As such, you will receive a notification when acquiring each version of the item, this is intended for full compatibility and only affects a limited number of items.

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Icecreamassassin - Legacy of the Dragonborn Author, TCC Patch Author.
Pickysaurus - Helping out during development.
Ahzaab - moreHUD and moreHUD Inventory Edition.
Dunc001 - Testing, Problem Solving, and designingthe moreHUD icons.
Elsopa - Creating the artwork for the Nexus page and MCM splashscreen.
Kriana - Testing and coming up with genius ideas. Editing the FOMOD.
Jelidity - Creation of the new Relic Storage Container, Unique Items and being a general Bad Ass!

Ic0nicode - Original TCC mod Author

Thanks to Benven, Gengis, DarkreaperToky, Lawsipan, Freedan Darkfrair, and Nova Coru for helping test! It's very much appreciated!

Legacy of the Dragonborn  - The Curator's Companion (2024)
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