Everspace 2: Best Ships Tier List (2024)

There are nine ship types in Everspace 2, ranging from light to heavy classes. Each type has various strengths and weaknesses, with some having better shields than others and some having the ability to fly faster. With that in mind, which are the best ships in Everspace 2? We rank them below.

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S-Tier Ships


  • Class: Heavy
  • Speed: 80-84 m/s

Vindicator is the fastest ship in the heavy classification,with an engine powerful enough to both carry a massive load and skillfully maneuver during combat.

It also utilizes an army of drones that becomes especially strong when using the Phalanx ability, which focus fires on a single target and respawns all the drones that have been lost in combat.

The special ability Reanimator picks up enemy shipwrecks and uses them to restore your own drones. With an arsenal of two primary weapons and one secondary, as well as 2 to 4 Devices, Vindicator will easily become your flagship in Everspace 2.

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  • Class: Medium
  • Speed: 90-95 m/s

Striker is not as well protected as Vindicator, but it’s much faster and much more maneuverable. Additionally, it has the Boost Speed expertise, which can make it so much faster with a maximum boost of 110%.

This ship is especially capable in dogfighting at close range. If you manage to get to an enemy ship as close as 500m, Striker will receive a 30% damage bonus, and if you manage to get as close as 300m, then an enemy ship will not be able to regenrate its energy shields.

Lastly, with the help of the Quantum Tether ability, Striker can connect up to five enemy ships into a single web of damage, which also instantly repairs 50% of your own damage.

A-Tier Ships


  • Class: Heavy
  • Speed: 75-79 m/s

Gunship is heavier and slower than Vindicator, but it has tankier armor and double the damage. Unfortunately, it also consumes twice as much energy. However, it’s definitely very effective in combat situations.

It has access to two turrets, such as Coil Gun turret and Pulse Laser turret, both of which can focus all damage on a single target for 20 seconds. This action also increases damage against drones by 30%.

This ship’s main expertise is Armor Damage Reduction, which can reduce armor damage by 40% and repair costs by 50%.

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  • Class: Light
  • Speed: 100-105 m/s

Vanguard is the fastest ship in Everspace 2, but since it’s a reconnaissance ship, it won’t do too well in combat — even if its defensive mechanisms are quite impressive.

The best way to use Vanguard in combat is by Rear Attacking, which increases the chance to deal critical damage by 450% at Infinity Expertise level. The Time Extender also allows you to immediately recharge all your weapons and energy.

It’s also recommended to fly above normal speed, as this will activate the Overcharge passive, which grants an extra 200% shield capacity.

B-Tier Ships


  • Class: Medium
  • Speed: 85-89 m/s

Interceptor is a pure combat ship with three main and three secondary weapons on board. It’s also known for high critical damage and its Weapon Overdrive system. Unfortunately, its defensive capabilities could be better.

With such high combat power, you’ll have to quickly improve its main expertise Weapon Energy Consumptionor you’ll have to find other ways of recharging your weapons.

Fortunately, every successful critical hit has a 50% chance to recharge 1% of your Weapon Overdrive, which further increases the chance of dealing critical damage.


  • Class: Light
  • Speed: 95-100 m/s

Scout is a fun little ship that’s recommended for new players who wish to stay at a safe distance and snipe their enemies with high efficiency.

You can use its Shadow Strike ability, which renders the ship invisible and invincible for a short period of time. Also, the further you are from your target, the more damage your weapons deal with the Ranger ability: 4% increase per each 100m to be exact.

But as is the case with every other light ship in the game, it has poor defenses, and you simply must find a way to stay as long as possible in Shadow Strike if you want to survive long enough.

There are two other ships in Everspace 2: the Sentinel and Bomber. These fall into our C-Tier and aren’t really worth using if you have access to all of the others above.

Those are the best ships in Everspace 2. Focus on learning and mastering one of these, and you’ll come out of most dogfights alive. Stay tuned for more Everspace 2 tips and tricks articles.

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Everspace 2: Best Ships Tier List (2024)
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