EVERSPACE 2 Achievements Guide - Tigore's Tips (2024)

EVERSPACE 2 Achievements Guide - Tigore's Tips (1)

by Tigore

Welcome to the EVERSPACE 2achievements guide covering the 38 achievements/trophies in the base game. This guide was written with the official release of the full game on PC (updated to version 1.0.35353 on Xbox).

Game Stats

  • Difficulty: 3.5/10
  • Time to Completion: Estimated 50-70 hours
  • Does Difficulty AffectAchievements/Trophies?: No. You can choose Very Easy and still earn all achievements/trophies. Even playing on Very Easy, Legendary Lunatic will still be a challenge.
  • Missable Achievements/Trophies: Unlimited Power was broken when the game launched, but can now be earned.

General Tips

  • Buy/Equip a Storage Module as soon as you can. Once it is installed, you can dismantle weapons/equipment for blueprints and parts.
  • Complete the Exploration challenge in each system to unlock faster jump travel.
  • Use Signal Decoders to spawn high-risk encounters which complete exploration challenges and unlock Catalyst Blueprints.
  • Buy stacks of Solar Panels in the Ceto System and sell them in the Zharkov System for a profit. Then, use the proceeds to repeat the process until you can upgrade your ship.
  • Work on Tareen’s Ship Dealers perk as soon as you can. Tier IV ships will not be available until after they are completed.

Useful Links

  • EVERSPACE 2 Submarine Wrecks Location Challenge
  • EVERSPACE 2 All Shadow Creature Locations
  • Story Achievements
  • Progression Achievements
  • Collectible Achievements
  • Challenge Achievements
  • Conditional Achievements
  • Rift Achievements
  • Misc. Achievements

Story Achievements

A New Home

15G – Revive an old hideout

Automatic story achievement/trophy. This will unlock after building the Reactor during the main mission From Scratch.

In Good Company

15G – Find a HIVE unit

Automatic story achievement/trophy. This will unlock after acquiring the HIVE unit from an abandoned ship during the main mission Ceto Ghost Hunt.

I Heart Horags

15G – Take in Elek

Automatic story achievement/trophy. This will unlock after meeting Elek in your base during the main mission Running the Wheel.

A Friend In Need

15G – Save Tareen from the GB Elite Squad

Automatic story achievement/trophy. This will unlock after saving Tareen during the main mission The Eye.

Still In One Piece

15G – Return from an Ancient Rift

Automatic story achievement/trophy. This will unlock after completing/aborting your first rift during the main mission Paving the Way.

No Place Like Home

15G – Escape the Khione System

Automatic story achievement/trophy. This will unlock after returning to you base during the main mission Adam’s Run.

There Can Be Only One

80G – Prevent a new war

Automatic story achievement/trophy. This will unlock after completing the final main mission Eshahar. The game will warn you to make a manual save before the point of no return.

Progression Achievements

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Ship Upgrades

Device Master

15G – Master a device

Each time you level up, you will be given a token to upgrade devices. Once you have 4, select a device from the Ship tab and upgrade it (hold A/X) 4 times. Focus first on the devices needed for the conditional achievements below.

Maxed Out

15G – Have two attributes maxed out at the same time using Mainframe Expansions

Each time you collect 3 Mainframe Components, combine them with X/Square into a Mainframe Expansion and spend them on upgrading 2 of your core attributes to the max level. The first costs 1 Mainframe Expansion and the cost increases by 1 with each upgrade for a total of 15 per attribute or 30 to max out 2 attributes.

Companion Perks

Perky Personnel

50G – Fully upgrade all Companion Perks

Companion Perks unlock during the main mission From Scratch and additional perks will be available as you add new companions to your base. Many of the perks require components which look like colored canisters. These can be found around the star map or you can craft them if you have the resources needed.

  • Ben
    • Repairs
    • Tractor Beam
    • Cruise Drive
  • Delia
    • Nanotechnology
    • Energy Orbs
  • Hive
    • Autonomous Cargo Dispatcher (sends excess cargo to base)
    • Mining Tracker (shows type/quality of mining resources at locations)
    • Startup Delays
  • Elek
    • Fire Support
  • Tareen
    • Storage Size
    • Hangar Size
    • Ship Dealers (required for Tier IV ships)
  • Khala
    • Spatial Bypass (unlocks fast travel)
    • Location Scanner (shows details of what remains to hit 100% at each location)


Work For Hire

15G – Complete 10 Jobs

See What a Legend for more details.

What A Legend!

15G – Reach the highest level of renown

Pickup jobs while visiting certain stations and finish them to increase your renown. You will need to complete roughly 70 jobs to max out renown. Each level of renown will reward you with equipment.

Side Missions


40G – Finish all side missions

Side Missions show up in blue in the menus and on the star map. You will need to complete all side missions (some show up after the main story) to unlock the achievement/trophy.

  1. 5 Stops Away
  2. A Customs-Made Error
  3. Back to Work
  4. Becoming Invisible
  5. Burned Bridges
  6. Citizens of Velocity (only bronze needed on each see Ludicrous Speed for locations)
  7. Completionist
  8. Data Fishing
  9. Delivery Pending
  10. Detoxification
  11. Gang Wars
  12. Gang Wars II
  13. Gang Wars III
  14. Gathering Dust
  15. I Heart Scrap
  16. Into the Forest
  17. Parasite
  18. Parasite II
  19. Rifts in Space
  20. Rips in Space
  21. Risky Business
  22. Same Day Delivery
  23. Spelunking for Madcaps
  24. Talent Acquisition
  25. The Convert
  26. The Undead Ship
  27. The Good, the Bad and the Decent
  28. Tipping the Scales
  29. Twin Stations
  30. Vaultworthy


No Asteroid Unturned

80G – Complete all locations 100%

Completing Khala’s Location Scanner Perk will allow you to track progress and view what you are missing at each location on the map. You will need to get 100% at every location for the achievement/trophy to unlock. Press D-Pad Down on the star map to easily see the percent completion at each location. It’s recommended that you purchase and fly a small, fast ship like the Vanguard or Scout to make squeezing into some of the tight spaces easier while searching for secret stashes which come in the following types.

  • Valuable Shipwreck
  • Bulletproof Container
  • Secure Container
  • Ancient Jar
  • Radiant Spore

Collectible Achievements

Back to the Top


A New Ride

15G – Buy a new ship

Ships can be purchased from shops with a triangle icon on the map with the cheapest ships starting around 15,000 credits. You can reduce the cost by opting to trade-in your current ship.

  • Tier I: 15k
  • Tier I+: 30k
  • Tier II: 100k
  • Tier II+: 150k
  • Tier III: 300k
  • Tier III+: 400k
  • Tier IV: 850-900k (see Top Tier below for details)

Top Tier

50G – Buy a Tier 4 ship

Tier 4 ships only unlock after completing Tareen’s Ship Dealers Perk and are only sold from Kato’s Palace in Prescott Starbase. Focus on getting this done early, since it will require a lot of resources to craft the required materials. If you have Khala’s Location Scanner Perk, you can view where the resources are that you still need. Then equip a scanner with long range resource scanning and a flak cannon to quickly collect the resources.


My Precious!

15G – Equip a legendary item

As you progress through the game the rarity of items will continue to increase from gray to green, blue, pink, and finally yellow (legendary). Once you equip your first legendary item, the achievement/trophy will pop.

Gotta Find ‘Em All

50G – Find all devices

Find or purchase each of the following devices in the game. All devices are placed in secret stashes around the star map and most can also be purchased from specific traders.

  1. Annihilator Virus: Purchase at Noah Damaris Starport’s G&B Union Branch in the Union System for 2,600 credits.
  2. Corrosion Injector: Purchase at the Flying Dutchess for 3,100 credits.
  3. EMP Generator: Received from the main mission Flying Blind.
  4. Energized Boost: Received from the main mission From Scratch.
  5. Front Shield Generator: Purchase at Coalition Cargo Terminal in the Drake System for 2,650 credits.
  6. Fusion Hook: Found in the Ancient Depot in the Zharkov System.
  7. Magnetic Repulsor: Purchase at Ceto Orbit in the Ceto System for 2,950 credits.
  8. Missile Defense System: Purchase at Anandra Bishop Starport in the Union System for 2,850 credits.
  9. Nano Transmitter: Purchase at Prescott Starbase’s G&B Office & Hangar in the Union System for 2,600 credits.
  10. Quantum Entangler: Purchase at Nephtys Plains in the Ceto System for 2,650 credits.
  11. Teleporter: Purchase at Union Bridge in the Ceto System for 2,850 credits.
  12. Temporal Nano Recompensator: Purchase at Ayres Relay Station in the Ceto System for 3,050 credits.

Misc. Collectibles

The Catalyst Catalog

15G – Find all Catalyst Blueprints

When you find a Signal Decoder for a system, activate it to reveal a high-risk area. Then, complete the encounter and defeat the capital ship(s) to unlock a new Catalyst Blueprint. Repeat the process 13 times to unlock all Catalyst Blueprints.


15G – Mine 1000 resources

Pay attention to your radar and fly near large asteroids in each zone. When you see mineral deposits, fly near them and shoot the minerals until they are emptied. The achievement/trophy will unlock once you reach 1,000 resources (these count the full resource patch) mined.

Challenge Achievements

Back to the Top

Challenge Accepted

15G – Complete a master challenge

Challenges are tracked under the Data tab and the Master challenge is unlocked after completing the basic challenges. Once it is unlocked, you can see and complete the challenge. An easy master challenge to complete early is under Ceto Explorer.

  • Visit all of Ceto’s regions: Make sure you fly into each of the regions while in the Ceto System, including Open Space in the southeast corner.
  • Complete 10 location challenges: Complete 10 of the unknown location challenges while navigating the Ceto System.
  • Complete 3 distress calls: Finish 3 random distress calls while exploring the Ceto System.
  • Get very close to the sun: Head toward Ceto Orbit, then change course and fly directly toward the sun (a proximity alert will show) until the challenge completes.

Been There, Done That

15G – Complete 25 Location Challenges

As you travel through a new system, areas with ? icons that say “Undiscovered Site” appear on the map. When you first enter each location, look to the top left corner of the UI and see if there is a green Location Challenge. If there is one, follow the guidance of the promptings and complete the challenges until 25 are complete.

That’s All You Got?

50G – Complete all challenge collections

Get each of the challenges to 100%, then complete their master level to unlock this achievement/trophy.

Conditional Achievements

Back to the Top


Against All Outlaws

15G – Destroy 1000 Outlaw Units

This achievement/trophy will unlock naturally while working through the story and side missions in the first few systems.

Elite Eliminator

15G – Destroy 100 Elite Units

When you reach the mid-game, elites you will battle multiple elites in each encounter which will unlock the achievement/trophy in your early 20’s.


Bend it like Roslin

15G – Use a Thermo Gun to destroy an enemy that is behind an obstacle

The Thermo Gun shoots seeking rounds at your current target. Simply, find an enemy base, target one of the turrets, and hide behind a beam while you fire the Thermo Gun at it.

Tower Defense

15G – Use a Sticky Turret to destroy an enemy

Sticky Turrets only stick to rough surfaces (asteroids/ground not ships/structures). Locate a small group of enemies and lure them to the side of an asteroid. Then, drop a few Sticky Turrets and wait for the achievement/trophy to unlock.

Unlimited Power

15G – Have the Sentinel’s ULT "Static Overload" span electricity arcs to at least 5 enemies.

Use the ultimate power while flying a Sentinel to destroy at least 5 enemies at once. This is best done by flying close to a Drone Carrier and pressing D-Pad Up to activate Static Overload. Then, fire Static Overload at the carrier and it will arc to the nearby drones, destroying them.

This achievement/trophy was broken in the original 1.0 release of the game, but has since been fixed as of 1.0.33633.


Under Pressure

15G – Destroy three enemies with the Energized Boost’s High-Pressure mode in one go

Equip the Energized Boost device from the Ship menu and fully upgrade it to Mastered. Then, press RT 3 times to cycle down to the High Pressure mode. Next, look for a space battle that has 3 enemies near each other and aim your ship at them. Hold X to bring up the devices menu and press D-Pad in the direction where Energized Boost is slotted. Shortly after flying through the pack of enemies, the achievement or trophy will unlock.

Stasis Smash

15G – Use the Magnetic Repulsor to smash an EMP’ed enemy to death

First, equip both the EMP Generator and the Magnetic Repulsor (purchased at Ceto Orbit in the Ceto System for 2,950 credits, upgrades help). Next, jump into a battle and take out everything except one drone at your level. Then, trigger an EMP (hold X/Square and press the D-Pad in the direction of the EMP) when the drone is near yours. Finally, face the drone with it close to your ship and hit it with the Magnetic Repulsor (hold X/Square and press the D-Pad in the direction of the device). The achievement/trophy will unlock if the drone is destroyed with the final hit from the device.

Spin Me Right ‘Round

15G – Keep the Fusion Hook tethered for 10 seconds during a single activation

Fire the Fusion Hook (no upgraded required) at a target (does not need to be a ship), then pull back on the left stick to reverse your direction. After a few seconds the achievement/trophy will unlock.

I Don’t Like Bullies

15G – Use the Front Shield Generator to block two Sniper Drone shots in a single activation

When you are targeted by a Sniper Drone, enable the Front Shield Generator (purchase at Coalition Cargo Terminal in the Drake System for 2,650 credits, no upgrades required) which lasts 15 seconds. Then, face the drone head-on. After the 2nd shot, the achievement/trophy will unlock.

Rift Achievements

Back to the Top

Rift Runner

50G – Complete a Rift

See Legendary Lunatic below for details.

Legendary Lunatic

80G – Complete a Rift at Lunacy 500 or higher

You will encounter your first rift during the main mission Paving the Way, but the ability to trigger and modify rifts will not be available until after completing the story. Increasing the Lunacy level will increase the difficulty and rewards associated with a set of rifts. Each set is made up of 4 encounters and you can choose which modifier you want between encounters by choosing which portal you enter next.

It is recommended that you start with a lower Lunacy level and increase as you unlock better equipment and make sure you are using a fully upgraded Tier IV ship with a legendary primary weapon with high damage and recharge.

Misc. Achievements

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Credits Where Credits Are Due

15G – Earn at least 5000 credits by selling one stack of commodities.

Commodities may be bought and sold with traders throughout the game. Purchase a stack of commodities at a low (green) price and sell them in another system for a high (green) price.

Hold onto a full stack of 20 Solar Panels and wait until you reach the Zharkov System. Then, fly to Devana Gas Orbit and call the Flying Dutchess to come and trade. Then, sell the full stack for 5,200 credits and the achievement/trophy will pop.

Spaceship of Theseus

15G – Change the front, rear, and wings of a ship

Under the Ship tab, choose customize and edit the current customization. Then, select Ship Modules and change each of the 3 slots from their defaults and the achievement/trophy will unlock.

Ludicrous Speed!

50G – Finish all racing tracks with platinum rank

This will be one of the last achievements/trophies to unlock and can be frustrating to earn. The best method is to purchase a Tier 4 ship that is small and fast (Vanguard/Scout) and make sure you have a Recharge Booster installed and an Energy Core with high Output Boost. Races are found in the following locations:

  • Ceto
    • Alcyone Station
    • Charybdis Bowl
    • Ghost Fleet
  • Union
    • Ayres Relay Station
    • Prescott Starbase
    • Zharkov Border Control
  • Drake
    • Alpha Draco Claim I
    • Letho Starport
  • Zharkov
    • Gas Field
  • Khait Nebula
    • Okrot Trading Station

Press F To Pay Respects

15G – Visit a final resting place

After Dax dies and a memorial is built in his honor, fly behind your base to the memorial with 4 beams marking the location and press A/X to pay your repects.

That’s it for the EVERSPACE 2 achievements guide. Please post any questions or comments below. Thanks.

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